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Police Test Prep NJ

Are you ready for the 2023 NJ Chief's Promotional Exam?

PERI will help you qualify for ANY of the 2023 NJ Chief's Promotional Exams, including the NJ State Chief's Entrance Exam, International Association of Chief's of Police, and others.  The 2023 New Jersey Chief's Promotional Exam is a very competitive test, requiring many hours of oral and written test preparation.  PERI has helped prepare hundreds of NJ Police Chief's achieve their career goals, more than any other school.

Our promotional prep course is a FULL two part comprehensive study program. Involving Preparation for the Written and Oral exam.

*We do not just give out answers, we teach the information!!

We cover the following material, plus more;

Pearson 2021
AG Guidelines
Title 2C
Title 39
Supervision of Police Personnel by Iannone
New Jersey State Attorney General Guidelines
Law Enforcement Handbook
Police Ethics: A Matter of Character
Police Ethics: The Corruption of a Noble Cause
Police Manager

PERI has helped prepare thousands of NJ police officers to become Supervisors for the rank of Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Deputy Chief, and Chief.

    Chief Rotonda will conduct lectures on your study material for your 2023 written and oral exam questions which will propel you way beyond your competition. You will learn how to answer any scenario based questions you may have on your exam.

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If your promotional exam requires knowledge of your departmental Rules and Regulations, and
Policy and Procedures, The DelBagno School will now offer breakdowns and tutoring in those
areas. As in the past, any textbook, including Attorney General Guidelines will still be
thoroughly reviewed for every student.
The DelBagno School feels this added information will help our students achieve the top scores
for their department. We believe in doing everything we can in order to prepare you for your
upcoming exam, much time and energy will be devoted to this new style of testing and we are
prepared to do just that!
If you want to be promoted, call us today to prepare for your upcoming 2023 exam, seats are limited.