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​Our Testimonials Speak for Themselves:

DelBagno is now the MOST CONVENIENT NJ Law Enforcement Exam Prep Service!

Now Offering Online Courses for 2021!

Our students receive 2021 Take Home Materials, Weekly Updates and Practice Tests!

We also Customize your courses, and offer classes in our Central New Jersey Classrooms.   Please note our NEWEST location at the Disabled American Veterans facility at

612 Mill Street in Belleville NJ, just 1 mile off the Garden State Parkway.

As a Grand Opening Celebration we have cut our cost to $1995!! 

We would also like to Welcome Ret. Chief Rotonda to our Team!

Study the DelBagno Way...Delbagno Means Promotion!

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​"There are several promotional schools to choose from and I had narrowed it down to two.
After much thought and talking with other police officers, I decided to go with DelBagno School
for Police/PERI. It was definitely a difficult process, you really need to put in time, not only at
the school but also studying at home. Special thank you to Chief Rotonda who really took the
time to help me in focusing in on the important details. He even offered one-on-one
instruction. My score was a .98! Well above my competition who went to the other school.
Very happy with my choice. I will be back for my LT promotion."

"If you are looking for a promotional school, this is it. I scored #1 on my written exam for LT, but
I knew my weak spot was the oral board with the State Chiefs. The material I studied was on
target, but the oral presentations with Chief Rotonda was what really helped. He gave me the
confidence to sit before the panel of Chiefs with ease.

Thank you DelBagno School for my Lieutenant promotion!"

"From day one, I knew Del Bagno/PERI was the right choice.  The study material was very thorough and helped me to

feel well prepared for the testing process.  Throughout my studying, each of the staff made it clear that I needed

to continue to read at home as well to truly understand and retain the material.  I listened intently to all of the

advice that came my way and tried to absorb all I could from the eye-opening lectures. Needless to say, the

coaching truly paid off!  I received the top score on the Sergeant's written exam with a 97!  

Thank you, Del Bagno School for Police!"

"​I had previously attended a different school for my first promotional exam and did not score as
high as I had hoped. I studied very hard and went to all the assigned classes. When I did not
make the Sergeant promotion the first time, I decided to attend The DelBagno School for my
second chance at promotion. I’m very glad I did. Not only did I receive the top score of .97, but
I was very impressed with the amount of effort DelBagno puts into their course. So glad I
decided to change schools. Thank you to all the instructors!"

Approved by the NJ State P.B.A.


Police Test Prep NJ

Founded as The DelBagno Police Testing School over 40 years ago, Princeton Educational Research Institute has successfully trained over 200 NJ Police Chiefs, over 1,000 NJ State Troopers, more than 5,000 NJ police officers and thousands of NJ Sergeants,Deputy Chiefs, Chiefs, Lieutenants and Captains for municipal NJ police departments.

Start the next phase of your career on the right track, call us now at 844-239-3406 or fill out our CONTACT FORM for FREE information on the latest upcoming 2021 NJ Police/Civil Service Exam, Chief's Exam and State Trooper Exams. PERI offers the latest in text materials and training techniques.

PERI has continually prepared and Beaten our competition on all State/Local Tests, and unlike other schools, we offer UNLIMITED classes, and will PERSONALIZE your class hours six days/nights a week! Our methods are proven, and you can study here any time we are open.  We also offer study material that is emailed to the student personally, so you can study at home, on vacation or at one of our convenient locations.  Don’t take a chance with your career,contact us

19 East Railroad Avenue
Jamesburg, NJ 08831

Please note our NEWEST location at the Disabled American Veterans facility at 
612 Mill Street in Belleville NJ!

Helping NJ Law Enforcement Achieve their Goals for over 40 Years.

Princeton Educational Research Institute 844-239-3406



Every New Jersey local Law Enforcement Department has their own, unique S.O.P.'s, Policies and Regulations. If your promotional exam requires knowledge of your local departmental Rules, Regulations, Policy and Procedures, The DelBagno School will now offer CUSTOMIZED breakdowns and tutoring in those areas, all for the same, low price! This includes breakdowns, test questions and more. As in the past, any textbook, including Attorney General Guidelines will still be thoroughly reviewed for every student.

The DelBagno School feels this added information will help our students achieve the top scores for their department. We believe in doing everything we can in order to prepare you for your upcoming exam, much time and energy will be devoted to this new style of testing and we are prepared to do just that!

If you want to be promoted, call us today to prepare for your upcoming exam, seats are limited!